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More power and greater fuel economy?

A common question which is asked is whether remapping a vehicle can provide more power and better fuel economy. The answer to that is yes. Whether you decide to remap your vehicle with our Economy Service or Speed service, fuel economies can be achieved on both. It is dependent on how you drive.


The Economy service focuses on providing your vehicle with more low-down torque. This ensures that less gear changes are required when driving which can have a drastic effect on fuel consumption. Turbo Diesel Injection (TDI) models can see fuel savings of up to 20%. The ECO-Tune service is also beneficial for towing vehicles.


The Speed service provides a vehicle with power gains of up to 35%. Again this additional power is made available further down the rev range so you do not have to drive in high gears to experience the full power of your vehicle. Although diesel injection models benefit the most from a remap, petrol engines can also show impressive results.

provide additional power?

The full power output of modern vehicle engines is not made available for various reasons. On a commercial front this enables manufacturers and garages to up-sell vehicle models which have a higher brake horse power (BHP) output, even though the engine may be identical to the lower BHP model. 

On a technical front, manufacturers limit the accessible power within an engine so that the engine complies with emission regulations, can tolerate low-grade fuel (found mainly in developing countries) and can take into account individuals who fail to service their vehicle at regular intervals.


Remapping a vehicle unlocks its' full potential and allows it to perform as was originally designed.


When your vehicle ECU is remapped, a number of different files (maps) within the engine control unit are modified. Each remap we provide is customised to your specific vehicle. Added to this, we only work within what we call the 'green zone' when remapping vehicles. Our remaps are designed for everyday driving and long term use, not for a 60 second street race.


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